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Support your student with a "Break-A-Leg / SHOUT-OUT" in our Playbill

(All ads will be in Black & White)

¼ Page (2.25”w x 3.75”h) - $25

½ Page (4.75”w x 3.75”h) - $50

Full Page (4.75”w x 8.00”h) - $65

All Business Ads should be emailed to CINDY SLEDGE at:

Please Include:

~Shout Out Size

~Your Name

~Student Name

~Phone Number

~Your personal message to your student
(please cite author if using quotes)

~Photos (JPG format, also please have converted to black & white)

Follies AD.jpg

Follies Dates:


January 25th @ 7:00p

January 26th @ 7:00p

January 27th 
@ 2:00p & 7:00p

Ads   due 12/21/23

Six the Musical Dates:


October 12th @ 7:00p

October 13th @ 7:00p

October 14th @ 7:00p

Ads   due 10/1/23
P&P Logo.jpg

Pride & Prejudice Dates:


October 20th @ 7:00p

October 21st 
@ 2:00om & 7:0

October 24th @ 7:00p

Ads   due 10/6/23
 See below for sample layout ideas. 
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