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Bridgeland Theatre Arts Booster Club

The Bridgeland Theatre Arts Booster Club (BTABC) actively supports the students and faculty members who make up The Bridgeland Theatre Company. These volunteers raise funds, sell tickets, run concession stands, and do much, much more throughout the year — things you see and don't see along the way.

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Meeting Dates​​

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Thursday, April 18, 2024

May 2024 - TBD

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(Bridgeland Theatre Arts Booster Club)

Membership Dues are $35 

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As a BTABC Member you will be listed in every show playbill. Please let us know how you would prefer to be listed. (ie. First & Last Name, Mr & Mrs First & Last Name, The Last Name Family, Business Name) 

Thanks for joining the BTABC!

Your personal information will not be shared outside of the BTABC executive board.


To discover ways you can give of your time, talents, and resources to support Bridgeland Theatre Company.

Booster Club Leadership (2023-24)

Executive Board​

BTABC Committees:​
See below for committee descriptions & hierarchy

Beary Awards
King Kodiak
Hospitality Committee
Junior Theatre Company
VP of Opperations
Spirit Night
VP of Productions
Company Meals
Show Publicity
Show Grams
Social Media
Assistant Treasurer


Beary Awards

Plan, and decorate for the Beary's in May. Includes, food planning, decorations, and coordination with senior parent liaison regarding the senior spotlight section. Manage GroupMe

King Kodiak

Plan the King Kodiak Event in February. Gather and create a slideshow, collect donations and put together swag bags, take photos (or secure photographer) and decorate. Pick up trophies from Fulshear. Manage GroupMe

Hospitality - UIL Liaison

Coordinates goodie bags for UIL cast/crew. Goodie bags for competing schools. Coordinates donations from parents for goodie bags. Manage GroupMe


Hospitality - Senior Parent Liaison

Keeps updated list of seniors, parents, email addresses. Mange GroupMe. Coordinates senior spotlight once per show. Communicate final bow information to parents. Coordinate senior recognition boards for last show and Beary Awards.

Hospitality - Texas Thespians Liaison

Goodie bag for send off, including coordinating donations from parents. Manage GroupMe

Junior Theatre Company

Coordinate the parent volunteers for this event. Support students who will be running the event. Coordinate a photographer, coordinate a slide show. Coordinate a meal for all day pariticipants and BTC students.

Spirit Night

Coordinate spirit nights through out the year, including Kendra Scott. One spirit night a month. Fill out a request approval, send to VP Operations. Verify from treasurer we recieved money, then fill out operation report and send to VP Operations.


Contact previous sponsors, reach out to new sponsors, and help get business ads for every playbill. Be the point of contact to "close the deal". Update spreadsheet

Fundraising - Widdy Up

Create prizes for $300 and $500 club. Update leader board. Deliver prizes to school when students reach $300 and $500 levels. Fill out request approval and operations report and email to VP Operations. *MAJOR FUNDRAISER*

Fundraising - Texas Thespian Festival

Fundraiser to help reduce travel costs for TT participants. Fill out request approval and operations report and email to VP Operations.

Fundraising - Kendra Scott

Coordinate a weekend date for the fundraiser (before Christmas) Coordinate with BTC for a schedule of student volunteers/signup genius. Make fliers/QR code to advertise. Fill out a request approval, send to VP Operations. Verify from treasurer we recieved money, then fill out operation report and send to VP.

Fundraising - ITF (International Thespian Festival) 

Fundraiser to help reduce travel costs for ITF participants. Fill out request approval and operations report and email to VP Operations.


Review scholarship from by laws and make any necessary changes to application. Coordinate with counselors about selection committee and due date.

Company Meals - Ordering

Communicate with Website committee regarding dates for ordering meals for each show. Coordinate a list of restuarants and point-person for ordering meals. Check for discounts at restaurants. Organize and order the food for each meal that is needed before shows. Create labels for individual meals. Coordinate with Board member for payment of meals before pick-up.

Show Publicity - Community Network Liaison

Distributes show posters, getting shows into local publications, and monitors and post on Social Media.


Show Publicity - Signed Poster Auction

Secures show posters from director, purchases mattes and frames from Hobby Lobby. This person coordinates signatures from cast/crew/directors before shows. This person coordinates completion of posters so they are show-ready.

Show Grams - Online showgram orders

Monitor showgram online orders. Print labels for orders. Coordinate with Website Committee for turning on and off the orders. Keep spreadsheet updated with treat choices and show options. Share spreadhseet with board and other showgram committee members.

Show Grams - Bag Point Person
Design and create a showgram bag for all cast/crew/directors and deliver to school before opening night.

Social Media

Posting things on Facebook/Instagram. Seek Secretary approval before posting.


Filter information to the community via newsetter. Coordinate with board for information to disperse.


Assitant Treasurer

Asisst with setting up invoices.


Set up shows in Ludus, do exchanges,and refunds as needed. Set up and tear down of ticket area each show.


Keep the website current with events, for each show, create meals, show grams, and ticket links. Seek board approval before posting.


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