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2023 Henry Lumper

The author creates an epic drama which captures the sense and shape of life in Gloucester, Massachusetts, from the 1950s to the present day. Prince Hal, Hotspur, Falstaff and many others are on hand in the guise of Hal Boley and Harry Percy (sons of two rival union leaders) and Jack Silva (Hal’s drinking companion) and, as in Shakespeare’s play, they are inexorably drawn into scandal and dispute. In the present play the action focuses on “Glossop’s” waterfront which, as the traditional fishing industry declines, finds itself the center of illicit drug trafficking, venal real estate speculation and union corruption—all of which add to the woes of a local citizenry already beset by economic and social problems not of its own making. Inevitably the growing tensions build to a climax which is both theatrically explosive and tragic—but which also offers the hope that the bitter lessons learned might lead on to positive change once the overheated emotions of the moment have cooled.

District Competition

3/8/2022 - Berry Center

"Henry Lumper" is one of 3 schools to advance to Bi-District Competition, Tuesday, March 21st in Tomball.

Awards Recieved:

Best Technician - Corbin Garrett
Honorable Mention - Rodrigio Gutierrez
All- Star Cast - Reid Adkinson
Best Performer - Rex Koern
Best Performer - Mackenzie Mann

Bi-District Competition

3/21/2023 - Tomball

Awards Recieved:

Regionals Competition

Awards Recieved:

Area Competition

Awards Recieved:

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