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Let's Work Together

Each year, all Executive Board positions become open to anyone interested in running.  This is your opportunity to serve!  We also want you to know that the board is designed to work as a team.  So there is always someone to help.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the current board members for further information or to ask questions.

Board Position Descriptions

Here you will find the By-Law description of each position and a brief bullet point list of duties. Everyone has different talents and abilities, so each position might have minor adjustments depending on the board dynamic. 


The Nomination/Volunteer form will be emailed to all BTABC Members along with the April 7th Meeting Minutes.  If you are interested in running, please fill out the form by April 29th (there will be a Committee Chair Interest section included). 


A voting link will then go live on May 5th and close the following morning.  Please take the time to thoughtfully consider giving your time and talent to this amazing program.  


The President will preside at all meetings and the Executive Board. The President will be a member ex-officio of all committees and will perform the duties pertaining to the office. The President remains familiar with the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District Booster Club Guidelines and informs BTABC members to ensure that the organization complies with the appropriate laws, policies, and guidelines. The President needs to provide a copy of the current by-laws and a listing of the current officers’ name, phone numbers, and address to the Bridgeland High School Principal at the beginning of each school year.

  • Presides over all BTABC general and executive meetings

  • Volunteer Recruitment (Committee Chairs, Sign-Up Geniuses)

  • Oversee all events and productions. Verifying that all aspects are taken care of.

  • Lead Board Member for Awards Chair, King Kodiak Chair, & Scholarship Chair

  • Be available for all Bloody Saturday’s and shows.  Be ready to fill show volunteer positions as needed

  • Assist and fill in when necessary and however needed.

Vice President of Operations:

The Vice-President of Operations will act as an aide to the President and will perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President will also act as Parliamentarian at all meetings, advise the club regarding matters of procedures, and propose changes to the By-Laws as needed. 

  • Assists President as needed

  • Attend Monthly BTABC Executive and General Board Meetings.

  • Be available for all Bloody Saturday’s and Shows. Be ready to fill show volunteer positions as needed. 

  • Lead Board Member for Sponsorship and Fundraising Chairs - In the event either position is not filled, the VP Operations will handle until filled.

  • Student Shout Outs and Business Ads: Work with Director on due dates, create/update forms for each production, work with Website Chair to coordinate information uploaded to website.

  • Using both email and Wix (website platform), receive Shout Out order, Business Ad orders, and Sponsorships. Work with the Treasurer to verify payment is received. Communicate with each customer to verify receipt and accuracy of each.

  • Create a HTML google document with all the Shout-Outs, Business Ads, Sponsorship orders and create/update the BTABC Members & Sponsorship Canva Artwork to be given to Mr. Delka by the his deadline for each show.  Deadlines are set in advance by Board Members and Directors.

  • Keep track of BTABC Members and Sponsorship additions throughout the year via the shared Google Spreadsheet.  Update Canva designs for each Playbill.  Communicate with Website Chair to upload Sponsorship information to the webpage. 

  • Create Sale Advertisements, Texas Thespian, Meeting Reminder and other miscellaneous Canva Artwork for the BTABC.  They will be used in Group Me, Remind and/or the Website.  Coordinate with Website Chair to upload information on website.  Coordinate with Social Media Chair to post. 

  • Assist with Costume Dry Cleaning.

Vice President of Productions:

The Vice-President of Productions will as act as a liaison between BTABC and the Director(s) and will coordinate, organize and oversee all matters with regards to the productions and performances of the Bridgeland Theatre Department

  • Coordinate all things to do with shows

  • Lead Board Member: 

    • Front of House Chair- making sure they have casts lists, supplies and that Wix is accurate

    • Concessions Chair-coordinating concessions orders, also overseeing auction set up, and follow through to payment and pick up, and that minute to win it has all the supplies they need

    • Meal Chair(s)- make sure they have accurate cast list, Wix is accurate, pull down final orders from Wix, securing payment of all meals orders

  • Be available for all Bloody Saturday’s and shows and strikes as needed.  Be ready to fill show volunteer positions as needed

  • Coordinate sewing volunteers for any and all alterations needed. 

  • Work with directors on any show items that need to be created or fixed for props/costumes

  • Coordinate dry cleaning after each show


The Secretary will keep a record of all meetings of BTABC and the Executive Committee. A copy of all minutes will be given to the President within seven days of the meeting and they will be posted on the Bridgeland Theatre website and/or emailed to members within 14 days of the meeting. The Secretary will coordinate membership data management, the membership directory, and manage roll check at BTABC meetings. The Secretary will coordinate with the President to send out notices of BTABC meetings

  • Takes minutes at each meeting and distribute to booster club members

  • Keeps updated list of members and sends meeting reminders and flickr to members

  • Lead Board Member for Social Media Chair

  • Be available for all Bloody Saturday’s and shows. 

  • Fill in vacant volunteer positions on show days


The Treasurer will balance the checkbook monthly, attend BTABC meetings and Executive Committee meetings, make all deposits, and pay all invoices, taxes, debts incurred by BTABC as soon as possible. The Treasurer will also verify that each invoice is for a BTABC purpose, work with the theatre director to assure timely and secure collection of student-delivered funds, issue receipts as needed for monies received, and perform other duties usually pertaining to the office. The Treasurer will prepare a written Financial Report for the previous year for an ad-hoc BTABC Financial Review Committee before September 10th of each year. The Review Committee Report along with the Financial Report should be submitted to the School Principal and to the District’s Internal Auditor by September 15th of each year. The Treasurer will prepare and submit all local, state and federal tax forms in an accurate and timely manner. Within the constraints of the budget, an accountant can be hired for preparation of annual federal tax filings in which case the Treasurer would act as the liaison between BTABC and the accountant. All payments will require written or email approval from one Executive Committee member and a signature from an elected officer or committee chairperson. The Treasurer and at least two additional people, either BTABC officers or Committee Chairs, will be authorized to sign BTABC checks.

  • Attend Monthly BTABC Executive and General Board Meetings. Present the BTABC Financials (monthly and annual reports)

  • Lead Board Member for Website Chair and Production Chair (Ludus Ticket Sales)

  • Monitor BTABC Safe for incoming funds and receipts

  • Work with Directors on Events/Trips (estimates, deposits, payments, etc)

  • Productions: Collect and record all funds (fees, meals, Ads, etc.), Prepare show day money bags, Deposit show day funds, assist Production Chair with ticket sales, prepare profit/loss statement at close of show.

  • Taxes (Sales Tax, Tax Free Days, Federal Taxes, Tax Exemptions, Donation Letters, etc.)

  • Create and maintain budget along with the board members and directors

  • Fundraising permissions and reports

  • Record Retention (4 year statue): Scan and retain all documents throughout the year as required by law.

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