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The students and faculty of Ursa Major Theatrics at Bridgeland High School invite you to experience the school's first musical — Big Fish


About The Show

Big Fish tells the larger-than-life tale of Edward Bloom, a man who leads an extraordinary life—according to the stories he tells his son, Will. But Will, who is getting married and expecting a child of his own, doesn’t think there’s any truth to the extravagant tales his father tells about meeting witches, kissing mermaids or joining the circus. He doesn’t even believe the story of how his father proposed to his mother, Sandra, in a field full of daffodils. When Edward’s health begins to decline, Will visits his father and tries one last time to find out the truth behind the tall tales. As Edward and Will’s relationship becomes increasingly strained, Will must decide whether to accept his father’s wild stories as fact or risk losing him completely.


Show Dates

Choose from four evening performances of Big Fish, all taking place in the Bridgeland High School auditorium at 10707 Mason Road.

  • Thursday, October 11 @ 7 pm

  • Friday, October 12 @ 7 pm

  • Saturday, October 13 @ 7 pm

  • Monday, October 15 @ 7 pm



Tickets to Big Fish go on sale to the public on Monday, September 24. 

Advance purchase price:

  • $25 reserved seats

  • $15 general admission

  • $12 students and senior citizens (general admission)

If tickets are still available, they can be purchased at the door as follows:

  • $28 reserved seats

  • $18 general admission

  • $15 students and senior citizens (general admission) 

Refunds and exchanges are not available for any ticket purchases. 



 Business Advertisements

Show your support of the students of Ursa Major Theatrics with an affordable ad in the Big Fish Playbill handed out to everyone who attends the show.

  • Download the form here and return it by Friday, September 28

  • Pay by cash, check (made out to BTABC), or PayPal 

Student Shout Outs

Parents, grandparents, guardians, friends — let your favorite Big Fish cast member know how proud you are with a "shout out" to them in the Playbill handed out at every show.

  • Download the form here and return it by Friday, September 28 

  • Pay by cash, check (made out to BTABC), or PayPal 


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"What's My BIG FISH Tale?"

In the show, Will struggles to know which of his dad's extraordinary stories from his life are actually true. So, we asked members of the Bridgeland High School community to put us up to a similar challenge. We'll add more leading up to the show, but for now, can you guess which two are true and which one is his "Big Fish" tale? Scroll through the images below!