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Advanced Theatre presents 
the One Act Play


ABOUT THE SHOW ________________________

The lone survivor of a shipwreck, little Francoise is adopted by a lone woman in an Oregonian town to be a farm hand. Yet the little girl, renamed Opal, is given to flights of fancy and takes it upon herself to bring happiness to everyone in the town. Once she has set the town to rights, she is convinced her Angel Mother and Father will return to her.

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Text @382ha2 to 81010.

If you're having trouble with 81010, try texting @382ha2 to (512)872-5742.

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UIL One-Act Play Required Jacket, Duffel, Garment Bag & Optional Backpack

All items are required for varsity except the backpack and optional for all other students.
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SHOW DATES _____________________

Thursday, March 3rd - 6pm

Friday, March 4th - 6pm

Saturday, March 5th - 2pm

TICKETS ___________________________

$15 online, $20 at the door


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